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Maldives...a capturing holiday destination beyond your imagination! We provide a wide range of hotels and resorts. Please feel free to contact us at any time! We shall be glad to provide you the best services to make your holidays memorable in Maldives. Tel: +960 9663301, Fax: +960 9663302, E-mail: info@fly2maldives.com. Wishing you a wonderful holiday in the last paradise!
Welcome to Maldives

When it comes to getting there, the Maldives is easily accessible, especially by air. Scheduled and charter flights operate on a regular basis from points of origin in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Visitors are issued 30-days tourist visa on arrival at Male' International Airport. Apart from normal Customs and Port Health formalities, there is hardly anything that stands in the way of the inbound guest and the tropical paradise of the Maldives.

Sea Transport

Maldives is not popular with the private Yacht because the reefs are hazardous and cruising permits are restrictive and expensive. Dhonis are also used for transport. A ferry service is available from the airport island to the capital round the clock. A special Dhoni ferry leaves from the airport jetty to the capital every 15 minutes which changes to one every 30 minutes after midnight.

Set charge per person for the ferry service is USD 1/- during normal operating hours and a charge of USD 2/- per person at midnight. Since the airport island is geographically separate from the capital the only means of transport to the capital is by sea. If required, a Dhoni can be chartered for transfer to the capital at set rates. Further details can be is attained from the ferry terminal or at the jetty of the airport.

Air Transport

Maldivian Air Taxi and Trans Maldivian Airways operate special air transfer trips to most of the resorts. Your agents or the resort operative best arranges this mode of transport. Normally resort operators have arrangements for chartered flights to their resort with either of these parties. There are also Speedboats arranged to all the resorts in Maldives and transfers can be arranged either by Seaplane or Speedboat.

There are also regular domestic flights operated by Island Aviation to Hanimaadhoo, Kadhdhoo, Kaadhedhdhoo, and Gan islands. Trans Maldivian Airways, and the Maldivian Air Taxi, the latter having the largest fleet, operate air transports to resorts. Sightseeing trips, flights to uninhabited islands, photo-shooting trips, executive charters, and medevac operations are also carried out by them.

Road Transport

Travel on most of the islands takes no more than half-an-hour on foot. Bicycles and motorbikes are popular modes of transport in Male' and some other bigger island. Taxis are un-metered, charging Rf. 20.00, if hailed on the road and Rf.15.00 if hired via telephone.


Maldives is easily accessible by air from major cities around the world.Male, the capital has an international airport.


Regular flights connect the Maldives to Colombo (Sri Lanka), Trivandrum (South west India) Dubai (UAE) and Kualalumpur (Malaysia) and there are numerous charter flights from European Countries in peak season. Male, international airport is the only international gateway. Departure taxi is 12.00 and is included in the ticket price. Maldives is not popular with the private yachts because the reefs are hazardous and cruising permits are restrictive and expensive – Dhonis are also used for transport.


The passengers arriving in Maldives hare to follow the customs rules of Maldives customs , Rules are imposed on all type of goods passengers carry. Goods like alcohol, explosive, poison, pork and pornography are not allowed.


Since Maldives is warm throughout the year, light clothing like summer linen, T-shirt, cotton shirt, light skirts, shorts and beach wears are ideal.

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