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Tourism In Maldives

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Maldives...a capturing holiday destination beyond your imagination! We provide a wide range of hotels and resorts. Please feel free to contact us at any time! We shall be glad to provide you the best services to make your holidays memorable in Maldives. Tel: +960 9663301, Fax: +960 9663302, E-mail: info@fly2maldives.com. Wishing you a wonderful holiday in the last paradise!
Tourism in Maldives

Out of the 1,190 islands, about 90 islands have been dedicated as self-contained, tourist resorts with all the facilities that a modern tourist would desire to be provided on the island. The white sandy beaches and the shallow lagoons that surround the islands provide a relaxing environment to spend an undisturbed holiday. The guest rooms in most of the resorts are situated at the waterfront; hence you will have a private beach where you could relax with all the privacy that you may desire to your heart's fulfillment.

As of the early 1970's, when tourism was introduced in the Maldives, it has increasingly become one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the world. Surfers find just the right waves in some places. Divers find the underwater coral gardens a veritable heaven. Beach buffs find the pure white coral beaches simply marvelous. The fishing is excellent. And perhaps, the creation and the running of very modern tourist resorts with all the conveniences of the 20th century help out. And certainly, the naturally outgoing and hospitable nature of the Maldivian himself makes a second visit worth looking forward to.

Maldives... a capturing holiday destination beyond your imagination.

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Beaches and top dive locations in the world where professional dive training is given to the beginners and beautiful reefs.

“Tourism” is the lifeline of the country. The Maldives provides a wide range of hotels and resorts to make your holidays peaceful and more wonderful, not only luxurious star categorized hotels and resorts, there are also cost effective hotels and lodges for your budget accommodation.

The island resorts cater to every type of travelers from backpackers to the rich and famous. The Maldives being aware of the dainty kind of the surroundings they are exposed to closely regulate the impact of tourists on both the local environment and population. The unspoiled beauty and serenity you will discover in the Maldives is well worth the cost.

As a tourist, one is free to move around on the resort islands and in the capital city, Male’, but entry to local villages and towns is strictly through guided tours and other forms of travel within the country must be undertaken only if permitted by the government.


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